The committee appointed for this purpose, concluded, and largely on the French suggestions to the need not to be limited to traditional means and not to expect that states are equipped with all the necessary qualified staff.

Thus we place ourselves very clearly from the perspective of literacy that, far from being limited by a minimo content, is designed as functional literacy, leading to the stile of continuous education ". "Education, said Mr. Maheu, as the man she is to shape and educate, is a whole; and it must be said con particular that there is mai technical education worthy of the name, I mean education that is other than without general education. " What are the results of the campaign undertaken? "Encouraging indeed, said Mr.

Maheu, but less satisfactory than not seem to indicate the progress of education." "We must, says M. Maheu, waive the spectacular activities for the benefit of patient efforts which the term" campaign "is mai longer appropriate, literacy should be a permanent action of homework service
the responsible agencies." So while we believed con vain talk con a world where aid to underdeveloped countries is too often to sell their high-priced products that are mai longer flow con the producing areas, and where methods recommended are judged not by their happening but based the single commercial relationship, a World Congress of Ministers of Education recently held con Tehran from 8 to 19 September 1965 the theme precisely the elimination of illiteracy. the constructive involvement of our friend Dottrens, Geneva, and our National Pedagogical Institute, the leaders seem to have been asked to reconsider the issue. • We read the minutes of this Congress con the journal The National Education, October 7: "A concept is very happily gara open debate.

It was especially developed by Mr. Dottrens of the Swiss delegation, which stated that learning to read is not enough, because to read, is to understand what we read The general conclusions state that the basic skills (reading, writing and arithmetic) must lead not only to elementary general knowledge but the preparation work, increased productivity, greater participation "of civic life, better understanding of the surrounding world, and later opened the human cultural fund ". For this educational effort to be profitable, you must avoid the schooling but integrate with peoples lives, which will be for them the best and most essential motivations. "It has often been noticed that, any more than you strength to ricevimento a horse that is not thirsty, it is an educated man who has mai desire to learn.

It is therefore first to give rise to objective and subjective motivations that push the illiterate to learn. " Per mezzo di what ways, depending what techniques may be motivated company that education? The committee appointed for this purpose, concluded, and largely the French suggestions to the need not to be limited to traditional means and not to expect that states are equipped with all the necessary qualified gruppo.

Instead, we must, call all people of goodwill: teachers, volunteers, teachers, educators sent into isolated families social groups. Similarly, the use of new technologies, especially audiovisual means, is highly recommended, with, at the , a team of highly qualified teachers, and the campo da gioco, human presence of a competent teacher monitor formed facilitator.

Thereafter, literacy must be maintained by regular distributions of printed texts, inexpensive, and the multiplication of regional publishing offices and even small local printing, simple construction and low price to ensure publishing weekly reading materials con areas where the low diffusion of a language does not allow the mass production of books. " This is the problem of our pedagogy that stands today as practical solution to the urgency of education and culture for children, adolescents and adults con developing countries. We preach so far con the desert because we thought possible another form of literacy for which tried unsuccessfully audiovisual , with , records, radio and television.

It is also currently advocating and try teaching machines of the American type with laboratories capable of treating some individuals to whom teach at great expense, arbitrarily isolated from the environment techniques, silly practically given to the masses . It is mandatory to find new work techniques, mixed with life, for this life that could trigger a deep formation that is very personal, technical and social laws, which Congress accepted and published principles. Our solutions However, our teaching method, served by the tools and techniques that we have developed, seems to answer the concerns expressed. - For the free text, which it will popularize the technique of preserving the still latent temptation to use texts that are valid only con the books, we tap into people's lives con their environment, same basis of any culture.

We will give people a sense of the value and dignity of their thoughts and actions; We'll convince them of their maturity, leading them to use reading and writing to express themselves and communicate with their peers, as they did until now only by the medium of speech. We will give their life a new dimension. However, free text can be achieved everywhere; it does not require the master a particular culture, but to save the paralyzing Scholastic threatening anyone who professes to teach.

But - and Congress Tehran has well marked - you have this new form of expression and communication an essential motivation, which gives the feeling that the new language does not occur con a vacuum, but that, as the word it has a prominent rete. Now we bring this motivation by the school newspaper, post-school, local regional. Free text will be drawn at the Centers for limographe who can not acquire the printing press.

It will majestically printed when the center will acquire 500 F for a complete printing equipment, which will allow the drawing of beautiful leaves 13.5 x 21, illustrated that encourage people to read and understand (for a higher amount but not prohibitive, we can acquire material for the draw at 300, 500 1000 decaduto. squisito pages 21 X 27). These pages will not be scholarly texts, dealing with issues that do not arise con which we find ourselves, con a style that would not be accessible to the mass.

This is everyday life that provide the reader: the life of the family, of the box, the village , with domestic wild animals, work, traditions and beliefs, games and parties , new businesses to consider. From that moment, the children and young - the oldest too - learn to read and write as they have learned to speak con the great gara open book of life.

Literacy will be, as requested by the Director of Unesco, culture. - We will complete this first embodiment through trade journals and prints that will give additional motivation to that culture of life. What are the advantages of such a technique? - The simple equipment, wear-free, accessible to all, would represent an annual expenditure of a few francs attraverso student. - Texts and printed will be born con the middle.

They hatch of local life con the language of its own, the first stage of culture that the School then expand to national international language. Risposta negativa other method allows adaptation to the diversity of languages ??of both countries. - This form of education does not require special facilities. It can accommodate a box as well as the shade of large trees con the summer. - It is so simple that any sane adult, moderately educated, rehabilitated but can cope. - This method of learning the language by free text, print, limographe, the school newspaper and correspondence would be usefully complemented by the use of our teachers boxes and strips that would broaden the options from the Natural Method.

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